Carolina Sessions

In late October 2003, the original Solyoni trio, Dan Lurie, Dominic Aulisio and Bethany Gordon drove to Wilmington North Carolina on a quest to continue recording their unfinished masterpiece "Prairie Monsters," yes the long-awaited Solyoni concept album that gives us all a reason to live. The group met up with producer/shredder Robert Lurie. They ate hush puppies, drank at Dennis Hopper's bar, Level 5, and also found the time to record five new tracks.

Video Footage
What's it like to watch true geniuses create their master works right before your very eyes? I'm not really sure, but here are some video clips of Solyoni attempting to make music.

The Highway
Solyoni's talented musicians
Photo documentation
The road to stardom winds its way through North Carolina.
These images follow our heroes along the way.
Proving once again that he's a jack of all trades, Dominic Aulisio buys a ukelele in Athens OH and annoys Dan and Bethany by playing it the entire car ride to Wilmington.
Somewhere deep within North Carolina, Solyoni stops at Kalee's Cigarette Oasis to buy Gummy Worms and Smartees TM.
The media frenzy in Wilmington began with a photo shoot at Vintage Studios. Here, Bethany Gordon rounds out her Old West whore outfit by applying dark lipstick. We didn't see her for the rest of the night, but the next day she pulled out a wad of cash and generously offered to pay for our pecan waffles.
Solyoni set up shop in the historic Robert Lurie's Apartment Studio. Here, Dan Lurie noodles wildly on the electric guitar. Don't worry though; his solo has no chance of making the final mix.
Producer/Shredder Robert Lurie unleashes another one of his furiously emotional solos, this time to the tune of "Cooler Full of Plums."
Dominic Aulisio unleashes another one of his furiously emotional kazoo solos. We all have our talents.
Speaking of talent, here's Solyoni's Bethany Gordon proving her worth with some flamboyant hits on the xylophone.
Speaking of hits, here's a list of new "Prairie Monsters" songs Solyoni worked on in Wilmington. And remember, next time you visit Wilmington North Carolina, please call 1-800-I-GO-HOJO for reservations.