Island Sessions

In September 2005, Solyoni decided to take the company yacht for a little cruise through Puget Sound. Mild waves and a cool breeze descended upon their vessel, tossing Solyoni hither and thither. After a mighty struggle, the band and their ship washed ashore on a remote island just outside Seattle. Using natural resources, they constructed a small home recording studio, fashioned some instruments, and began recording their next album, slated for a spring 2006 release. We now present thrilling video footage and exciting photos documenting the creative process!

Video Footage
A film crew stumbled upon the scene and put together this mini-documentary about Solyoni's harrowing island adventure. Watch as the band battles with themselves... and nature.

Island Video Action!
Photo documentation
We were stunned when these photos came across the AP wire. One can only wonder what kind of music Solyoni was able to create amidst the brutal conditions and extreme elements of this secluded island.

Members of Solyoni meet on a secret Seattle pier and prepare to hit the stormy sea.
The Solyoni yacht nearly sinks before the band finds land, and a healthy supply of beer and sandwiches.
After building a cozy recording studio and stocking the shelves with books from a nearby Barnes and Noble, Jon Kilian lays down some drum tracks.
Aaron Semer decides to add some pretentious knob-twisting to the mix.
Dominic Aulisio searches for strength and lemonade on the front porch.
Dan Lurie finds comfort on the kitchen floor, then serves up some tasty licks.
Bassist Chris Pierson gets wrapped up in what may or may not be the timeless classic, "DUNE."
Pierson and Kilian courageously return to the rickety dock for more beer and sandwiches.
Dan Lurie records outside while posing for his senior portrait.
I think this one will look good in the yearbook.
Shredder José Sandoval attempts to maintain focus while Jon Kilian gives in to the wild call of nature with a dance deemed inappropriate even on a remote island.