Prairie Monsters
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1. Scarecrow Country
2. Hill Boys
3. Vacuuming the Snow
4. Gold Mime Robberies
5. The Ballad of Wiley Granger and
the Town with no Sidewalks
6. Interlude at Six Flags
7. Amusement Park Untitled
8. TruckerShoePolishShoeShineMachine
9. Cooler Full of Plums
10. Stagecoach Inn
11. Tiny Song
12. Menu at a Restaurant
13. Albert Lee Hey Hey
14. The Highway
15. Toenail Moon

Dominic Auliso - vocals, guitar, stomping, handclaps.
Dan Lurie - vocals, guitar, moog synth, metal pipe, stomping, handclaps.
Aaron Semer - guitar, drums/percussion, bass, organ, stomping, handclaps, background vocals.
Robert Lurie - guitar, background vocals.
Bethany Gordon - xylophone, handclaps, background vocals.
Jon Kilian - drums, handclaps, background vocals.
Adam Fox - guitar, bass.

Produced by Aaron Semer and Solyoni. Recorded by Aaron Semer at Lil' Mustard Studios in Seattle, WA, Adam Fox at Foxlab in Athens, OH, Robert Lurie at The Litterbox in Wilmington, N.C., Mike Toschi at El Vecino de los Muertos in Seattle, WA, and Cary LoGrande at Digital Lo-Fi in Seattle, WA. Mixed by Aaron Semer with assistance from Dan Lurie, Cary LoGrande, Mike Toschi and Adam Fox. Mastered by Adam Fox at Foxlab in Athens, OH.

Released August 24, 2004 on Velvet Fallopian Tube Records.