The Princess Market
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1. Sweet Honey Catalina
2. O Angelo
3. The Moped Song
4. Burt Reynolds Heart
5. Invisible Ink
6. Kicked in the Head by a Horse
7. Nesting Doll
8. Parachute (When Will I See Those Zartan Blue Eyes Again?)
9. Beard of Bees
10. Sodabread Canoe
11. Pink Cotton Dress

Dan Lurie - vocals, guitar
Dominic Aulisio - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Aaron Semer - guitar, organ, background vocals
Chris Pierson - bass, background vocals
Jon Kilian - drums, background vocals
José Sandoval - guitar
Robert Lurie - guitar, bass, background vocals
Mark “Memby” Bentz - trumpet, french horn

Produced by Aaron Semer and Solyoni. Recorded by Aaron Semer in Seattle, WA at Lil’ Mustard Studios, Kevin Audleman’s Guest House, The Cascadia Film Collective, and Dudeland.
Mixed and mastered by Adam Fox at Foxlab Studios in Athens, OH.

Released July 25, 2006 on Velvet Fallopian Tube Records.