Solyoni brings the noise, belt buckles to CD release party

Solyoni brought their special brand of folk-a-billy, popcorn blues to the Rendezvous Jewel-Box Theater Sunday August 29, 2004. The age-weary and storied burlesque theater provided a charming and perfect backdrop for the launch of the latest addition to the Solyoni discography: the off-kilter road saga, "Prairie Monsters."  At nearly full strength, the seven piece ensemble rained down a thunderous set upon the faithful, deftly wielding their unorthodox musical arsenal from wood-shed rock to gut-bucket jamborie to open-ended folk lore. Showcasing a host of selections from their new release, the wide ranging song list also featured ditties hailing from the primordial stages of the band's development (Pancake Baby) to the newly minted prom ballads of the distant present (Beard of Bees). No molecule was spared as each band member summoned every pulse of energy into their contribution to the performance. Notably absent from the ground breaking performance was Solyoni secret weapon Robert Lurie. Though sorely missed, the promise of his considerable presence at potential upcoming gigs leaves the blissful shroud of alacrity draped sweetly on the subconscious of those living in the future. Many, many thanks go out to the generous fans, friends, and family who showed their love and support by showing up for this momentous event in our history. You are all members of the twisted and unpredictable Solyoni family lineage.

Video Clips!
Exclusive to, video footage from Solyoni's CD release party. You might need quicktime to view these.
Albert Lee Hey Hey
Beard of Bees
Sweet Honey Catalina
Photo Documentation
Cameras followed Solyoni's every move as their new album "Prairie Monsters" was unveiled to the masses.
In an attempt to get away from the pressures of the music industry, Solyoni's Aaron Semer and Dan Lurie ventured to the San Juan Islands, where they lived off the land for an entire weekend, mere days before the new album was set to drop.
Drummer Jon Kilian was there too, but he just sat around the campsite making and drinking what was believed to be sun tea.
Back in Seattle, #1 fan Brad Goodman arrived, and kissed up to the band by writing down their set list for the cd release party.
Minutes before showtime, shredder José Sandoval warmed up his already fiery fingers in the green room of the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater.
Dominic Aulisio was so excited about his return to Solyoni's live lineup, he spent a good hour creating a wicked new signature in anticipation of the throng of groupies sure to seek out his autograph (amongst other things).
Multi-instrumentalist Bethany Gordon also made her return to the Solyoni lineup, but spent most of the show in the bathroom trying to make herself look pretty so Aulisio might choose her over the groupies.
At last, Solyoni took the stage, curiously opening with the stomp hollar "The Ballad of Wiley Granger and the Town with no Sidewalks." That's bassist Chris Pierson keeping the beat while Aulisio preaches to the unsuspecting audience.
Solyoni assembled a 7-piece band for the show, which gave Aaron Semer a chance to let loose, leading an extremely volatile, and stylish guitar attack.
José Sandoval was on his game, but more importantly looked quite intimaditing with studded wristband, tattoos, and rich Mexican skin.
Slightly less intimidating was Dan Lurie, seen here romping his way through Solyoni's Peruvian power pop anthem "Plantain Farmer."
Dominic Aulisio sucked his harmonica as if it were a straw during a heartfelt rendition of the old Solyoni standard, "Sodabread Canoe."
There wasn't a dry eye in the crowd as Lurie and Aulisio stood side by side for the first time in many years to lead Solyoni's exciting new lineup through the vast catalog of material the two songwriters have accumulated over the years.
Solyoni culled material from the "Prairie Monsters" album, old classics, and unreleased new tunes, for an epic setlist that resulted in a show that unfathomably lasted an hour and a half. Afterwards the crowd seemed pleased, exhausted and thoroughly satisfied, like the way you feel after eating at Golden Corral.
The afterparty took place at Seattle's legendary Edgewater Hotel. They say a picture says a thousand words. This one says two: EEE GADZ!
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