On the Road
A photographic account of Dan and Dom's unbelievable attempt at transporting a car from Rocky River Ohio to Seattle, Washington while writing a new solyoni album in the process. This is the journey that inspired the concept album, "Prairie Monsters."

Dominic Aulisio, Cookie Monster, and Dan Lurie, moments before they set out on their incredible journey.
An early pit-stop gives Dom a chance to take on Clint Eastwood in an intense game of Dirty Harry pinball.
Mere minutes into day two, the car breaks down next to Six Flags amusement park. Sadly, the park is closed. Lurie hops the fence only to find an abandoned crazy-twist wasteland.
A truck arrives to tow our wandering minstrels and their weary car into Waukegan Illinois for repair.
The next day, with the car once again healthy, Dan and Dom stop to gaze upon the majestic Onan on their way out of Waukegan.
Eventually, the boys find themselves in South Dakota. A rare tree is captured on film.
A guerrilla keeps an eye on a volatile gorilla in Mitchell South Dakota.
Dom scopes out the view from atop an elephant.
A group of dinosaurs find themselves fenced in and on display in a cruel family's backyard.
A giant bull and prairie dog set against an endless sky.
Dominic Aulisio, and a whole lotta nothin' in the Great Plains.
Suddenly, South Dakota changes shape, as the Badlands jut and bubble across the horizon.
Dan Lurie finds solace beneath a mighty prospector's pan of Black Hills gold.
A stoic stamper ponders life and its many mysteries.
Dan and Dom make it all the way to Buffalo Wyoming before the car breaks down again. This time, Scott and his truck, 'Lil Red,' pull the car over to DC's repair.
Stuck in Buffalo, our heroic travelers decide to meet the locals. Charlie Geist owns a shop called Powder River Traders (Fur and Buckskin and Clothing and Misc.) Here, Charlie shows off one of his top-sellers, the self-protection bobcat paw key chain.
The unfortunate death of the car forces Dan Lurie and Dominic Aulisio to part ways. Dom flies back to Cleveland. Dan hops on a Greyhound bus bound for Seattle. Along the way, he takes in the scenic landscapes of Montana.
The trip winds to a close as Dan Lurie moves in on his final destination, Seattle, accompanied by several interesting characters, including the ruggedly handsome C.J. who takes it all in style.