Solyoni / The Kyle Sowashes
Vanilla Clown - split 7" vinyl release
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The Story Behind the Clown

Several years back, Kyle Sowash of The Kyle Sowashes and Solyoni's Dan Lurie went to a Baskin-Robbins to savor some ice cream. It was there that a young boy ordered a vanilla clown, the beloved upside-down ice cream cone delicacy. The adorable child proceeded to describe in great detail how he was going to eat the clown. His words were so morbid and disturbing, Lurie felt compelled to write them down in a pocket notebook. Sowash and Lurie then decided they would each compose a vanilla clown song using the boy's words as lyrics, but neither artist would hear the other's song until both were complete. We now present to you, on petroleum vinyl, the results of that experiment. Enjoy!

Album Info:
Side A: Solyoni - Vanilla Clown
Side B: The Kyle Sowashes - Vanilla Clown

Dan Lurie - vocals, guitar
Harper Piver - violin

The Kyle Sowashes
Kyle Sowash & friends

Released: May 12, 2007 on ManUp Records.

Solyoni "Vanilla Clown" - live at the Mars Bar in Seattle

The Kyle Sowashes "Vanilla Clown" - live at Carabar in Columbus